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Home of the Jew

Toledo (Toledo)GPS: 39.856201171875, -4.029530048370361
Traditional Jewish house from Toledo

In the heart of the Jewish quarter of Toledo, we can enjoy a home that shows the Jewish way of life in the 14thand 15th centuries. Its patio has multitude of plasterwork and the basement was arranged for the Jewish liturgical bath ormiqva, used for spiritual purification, and preparation before an important event in the life of a Jew.

Over the lintel of the access door to this basement, carved with floral motif, there’s a text that says"Gracias Te doy, porque me has respondido"(Thank you I say, because you have responded), related to Psalm 19 of the Torah, the Jewish Holy Book. The legend says that the house belonged to the Jewish Ishaq, which lent money to Isabel la Católica, in exchange for her jewelry to finance the journey of the discovery of America.

C/ Travesía de la Judería, 4

C/ Travesía de la Judería, 4
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