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Cuenca (Cuenca)GPS: 40.071998596191406, -2.1339199542999268
The city which hangs in your memory

Summarising Cuenca in a few words isn’t only trivial, but it is almost sacrilege, given that by being austere, we would surely miss something valuable and important. Cuenca is a city for relaxing, not to visit in a rush. It is a city to see from the inside, walking its streets and going inside its monuments; and to observe from the outside, from the other side of the Júcar river; to see it drenched in sunlight or lit up by night.  To see man’s constructions and nature’s too. To discover hidden secrets of alleyways and backstreets or for the cathedral’s grandness to overwhelm you or completely submerge you in the sheath of monuments in the Plaza Mayor square; for history of art or contemporary abstract art.

The city that overlooks the Júcar river hanging from the wall which sustains it is, and deservedly so, Heritage of Humanity and as it hangs it invites visitors to explore it leisurely, savour it and hang onto it. Cuenca is a city that cannot be condensed, it condenses us and it makes us vulnerable against its splendour and its beauty.


Access: A-40 N-400

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