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El Cardoso de la Sierra

El Cardoso de la Sierra (Guadalajara)GPS: 41.09859848022461, -3.4643399715423584
Wooden and exquisite, the bluish grey
El Cardoso de la Sierra

Cardoso de la Sierra, sits halfway up a mountain in the Jarama basin in the Ayllón mountains. Warps of greyish wood get stuck with the exquisite blues in the walls and are the main characteristic of its rural anatomy. Its walls open up into small windows and the roofing with a slight gradient shelters two floors and “el sobrao” (the place reserved for the storage of grain) under the roof. Its houses are clustered together in small blocks on narrow streets with from time to time are widened out in a test of the area, something which is rather necessary because the ground opens up as rocks surface and make changes to any urban planning. Sometimes the greyish structure breaks with its visual routine with a whitewashed wall, which shows something unique to the visitor.

Like in other places, its nearby areas are annexed off without losing their identity or difference. That is how we find el Bocigano, with the high Santa María belfry and the wooden balconies that look out over the Bellido stream. Boasting its isolated houses and its own legend. Colmenar de la Sierra, with huge windows. Corralejo, Peñalba de la Sierra or Vihuela complete this tour of Cardoso.


Access: CM-101 CM 1004

El Cardoso de la SierraEl Cardoso de la Sierramas
  • El Cardoso de la Sierra
  • El Cardoso de la Sierra
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