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Santa Cruz Hospital

Toledo (Toledo)GPS: 39.859500885009766, -4.020060062408447
The Way to the Renaissance
Hospital de Santa Cruz

Three important collections: Roman, Visigothic, Arab and Mudejar archaeology; painting from Toledo from 16th 17th centuries, with works by El Greco; and industrial arts, with examples of popular culture and local handmade tradition.

Founded by the cardinal Mendoza, the building is singular for being a hospital that incorporates the new ideas on the importance of the hygiene, the ventilation and the sunlight. Still with medieval characteristics, it shows the evolution towards the plateresque Renaissance .

C/ Miguel de Cervantes, 3

From Monday to Saturday from 9 to 19 h, Sundays and bank holidays from 10 to 14 h.
From May 1st to October 30th, from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 21 h, Sundays and bank holidays from 9 to 15.30.

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  • Hospital de Santa Cruz
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