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Church of the Assumption in la Almarcha

La Almarcha (Cuenca)GPS: 39.690101623535156, -2.381540060043335
Its Renaissance church is highlighted against the profile of this town

In the center of the region of la Tierra de Alarcón, we find this well communicated town, since here the road N-420 that connects Córdoba with Cuenca crosses with the A-3. In the area, specifically in “Los Villares”, remains of the Bronze age have been found, which lovers of archeological sites will be thrilled to visit. For those who prefer to remain in the town, we recommend a visit to the parish church, dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, the most prominent construction of the town.


The visitor’s attention will be drawn to this church due to its proportionate sizes and its three-bodied tower. Renaissance in style, the church was built between the 16th and 17th centuries and preserves its two linteled façades and a very interesting baptismal font decorated with semicircular arches and frieze with rhombuses and cords.


Free access, respecting the hours of worship.


Visit some of the shepherd’s huts that are still preserved, such as the hut of Hoyaver. Also, the lagoon of the Pozo Airón, with salty water; not very large but deep seeing that in Roman times it was already very venerated.

Iglesia de la Asunción en la Almarcha Iglesia de la Asunción en la AlmarchaIglesia de la Asunción en la Almarchamas
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