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Church of Our Lady of la Antigua in Los Navalmorales

Los Navalmorales (Toledo)GPS: 39.72549819946289, -4.641160011291504
Nature and Architecture united in la Jara

In the region of La Jara we find, very close to Talavera de la Reina, the idyllic municipality  of Los Navalmorales. Its name comes from the union, in 1835, of Navalmoral de Pusa and Navalmoral de Toledo, separated by a stream. You can still see evidence in the town center that differentiate these two populations. Those who come to visit will find themselves surprised by its church, built in the 17th century and dedicated to Our Lady of la Antigua.


The tower is the most characteristic element of the church, formed by four bodies with a square design plus a fifth one covered by an octagonal spire. We can enter inside via its beautiful facade with a Classicist design, formed by a semicircular arch between Tuscan columns and a Doric entablature with metopes decorated with suns. Inside, we will find three naves, the central one covered with a coffered ceiling.


Open access, respecting the hours of worship. If you find it closed, inquire at the City Hall.


Hiking lovers will be in luck with this town for its beautiful landscapes to explore. In its center, the hermitage of Saint Anthony of Padua and the City Hall are also highlights in the Plaza de los Caños.  

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