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San Sebastián Church

Toledo (Toledo)GPS: 39.85380172729492, -4.025589942932129
Islamic and Visigoth elements fusion

Exemplary Mudejar church in Toledo, having been occupied and transformed from the 10th to the 20th century, and being erected on an Islamic temple, which, in turn, used Visigothic materials, such as capitals carved on the columns that separate its three naves.

Result of an intense restoration, we can now appreciate the horseshoe arch, pile and gate of the north wall, behind the altarpiece, of its Islamic phase. And the other elements that form it, including the handmade work from 1916, which unites past and present, and the different artistic styles and cultures that reflects the authentic spirit of the city of Toledo.


Bajada de San Sebastián, s/n

Bajada de San Sebastián, s/n
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