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Romanesque church of Fresneda de Altarejos

Fresneda de Altarejos (Cuenca)GPS: 39.92580032348633, -2.315079927444458
Admire the altarpieces of its church and its baptismal font, from the medieval era

Very close to Cuenca, barely 25 km away, we find the municipality of Fresneda de Altarejos near the streams of Las Tejas and La Arena. This town offers the visitors a perfect mix of nature and culture, thanks to its hills full of woods and narrow meadows and a visit to its church, dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption.


The church, from the 16th century, has a medieval baptismal font with a cylindrical and corrugated base and ovoli vessel in the lower part. It also has some altarpieces, the main one from the Neoclassical court, and those at the lateral naves, Baroque. The detail that we find in the choir is remarkable, the only area of the church that preserves the primitive wood roof. Here it keeps a main beam, or girder, with an elegant Plateresque decoration of Pegasus, grotesques, winged heads, etc.


Free access, respecting hours of worship


You can not leave without visiting the Bridge of El Castellar, above the Júcar River, originally built during the High Middle Ages and reconstructed in the 16th century

Iglesia románica de Fresneda de AltarejosIglesia románica de Fresneda de Altarejosmas
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