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Church of Saint Mary Magdalene (Layos)

Layos (Toledo)GPS: 39.7760009765625, -4.063799858093262
Layos, a haven of peace and harmony

Between the meadow of the Tagus and the Montes de Toledo, very near the provincial capital, we find the lovely town of Layos. In what is called “La Meseta Cristalina de Toledo”, this town is a haven of peace and harmony that provokes an unknown sensation in those who come to visit when they explore its streets, plazas, and parish church of Saint Mary Magdalene.


This church of small dimensions and rectangular floor plan began its construction in the 14th century. The floor was finished in the 16th century and the tower much later. With its three sections and semicircular arches it rises proudly above the town. In the interior the semicircular arches stand out, as well as the Main Chapel covered by a groined vault, made with concentric ashlars.


Outside the mass schedule, inquire at the City Hall.


This lovely enclave of the province of Toledo offers interesting visits, such as the palace of the Counts of Mora, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest and today private property. In front, it has a centenarian elm at the food of which we can sit and contemplate the view of the fortress. We can also visit the Biscayne site and the Mausoleum of Layos, which offers important facts about the brilliant Roman past. 

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