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La Cierva

La Cierva (Cuenca)GPS: 40.05580139160156, -1.8510899543762207
La Cierva, the treasure of Palancares and Tierra Muerta
La Cierva

In the middle of the mid-Sierras of Cuenca, 50 km from Cuenca, we find the town of La Cierva, which guards, among the junipers and pines of its surroundings, belonging to the National Monument of Palancares and Tierra Muerta, its most valuable treasures. The tourist who comes to visit can enjoy the traditional architecture of its urban center and the church of the Assumption.


La streets of La Cierva demonstrate typical mountain architecture with very representative buildings such as the old granary, now converted into the City Hall, and the town plaza in which we find the simple, but not for that any less beautiful, 15th century church of the Assumption. The facade has a semicircular arch and the entrance is covered by a porch. Inside, we should make sure to notice the three Baroque altarpieces, one central and two lateral, in which we can see some reliefs and images of the Annunciation, the Birth, etc.


Open access to the urban areas. In the church, respect the hours of worship.


Nature and history lovers will also be able to enjoy the paleontological site of Las Hoyas, from the Lower Cretaceous period, and the National Monument of Palancares and Tierra Muerta, the most extensive of Castile-La Mancha with close to 18,000 hectares.  

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