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La Parra de las Vegas

La Parra de las Vegas (Cuenca)GPS: 39.86819839477539, -2.2044599056243896
Do not miss its unusual two nave church

We will find this little village in the Alarcón region, in the middle of the Conquense Mountain range. Its origins date to the Bronze age, as the settlement found in the Cerro del Castillejo demonstrates, and traces of its Roman past are also preserved. If we walk through the streets of this little village, with presently a little over 40 inhabitants, we must stop at its  Main Square, in which we find its main buildings, built between 16th and 18th centuries, of which we must visit the church.


From the square we can admire the noble ruins of the palace of the Counts of Cervera, the previous owners of the town, the City Hall, and the front of the church of the Assumption. This church has undergone various reforms since its construction in the middle of the 16th century.  Its main characteristic is that it is one of four churches in the province that has a two nave floor plan, separated by semicircular Tuscan arches. It is also worth mentioning its chapels, owned by great families throughout the history of this municipality, as such as that of los Escudero, which has a remarkable plateresque altarpiece with Gothic reminiscences; and that of the Counts de Cervera, covered with a mudejar coffered ceiling.


Free access to the church, respecting the hours of worship.


The ancient palace of the Counts of Cervera is nowadays an outdoor auditorium that we can visit. Also, its two hermitages dedicated to Saint Roche and Cristo de la Salud with Rococo style decoration.

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