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Los Valdecolmenas

Los Valdecolmenas (Cuenca)GPS: 40.120601654052734, -2.49849009513855
The orchards and gardens of the traditional houses will amaze the visitor

Those from above (Arriba) and those from below (Abajo) are the two parts of this municipality in the region of la Alcarria, with a little more than 100 inhabitants between them. It is found along the river that shares the same name. Bronze Age and Iberian remains have been found, above all in Valdecolmenas de Arriba, where the Castle village is. However, the village of Abajo has more touristic interest for its urban center and its church of Our Lady of the Assumption.


The urban complex is adapted to its terrain, on top of a hill. In fact, the plaza has two levels and in the center we can see a Romanesque baptismal font. We can also see the traditional houses, some with an orchard in their patios, or precious gardens, and without having to get out of the center of town; this is because the area has a great water supply. The parish church is also a great beauty. It was constructed over a previous Romanesque church in the 16th century. It looks similar to the church of Motilla del Palancar and it has two quite elaborate Churrigueresque altarpieces. Its main treasure is in the atrium, the baptismal font of Caracena del Valle, a medieval piece with romanesque transition originating from this hermitage.


You can freely access the church, located in the center of the town.


Take a beautiful panoramic of the town from its medieval, single span bridge, or from its nearby mill that preserves part of its machinery. On the calle de la Soledad you can also visit the parish house, from the 17th and 18th centuries.


Los Valdecolmenas Los ValdecolmenasLos ValdecolmenasLos ValdecolmenasLos ValdecolmenasLos Valdecolmenas Los Valdecolmenasmas
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