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The Mercury Mines of Almadén

Almadén (Ciudad Real)GPS: 38.77479934692383, -4.837140083312988
The earth’s reddish essence

The town of Almadén is inextricable from the activity of its mines; they have tinted everything since ancient times and it is the mine which governs the prosperity, culture, demography and even the landscape of this Alcudian town.

Plinio, cites it as a Sisaponian city, referring to the term “Sisapo” which means hidden mine. From the great excavations of the Roman times and mostly after the discovery of America when its production increased, everything in Almadén revolves around the mines. This industrial activity is the focal point where Almadén explains itself and remembers.


Almadén is conscious of its uniqueness and it creates a topic centre for the visitor where it can explain and exhibit its history. The Almadén Mining Park offers us the possibility to visit inside the mine and the visit is linked to the display and explanation of techniques and processes that have sustained industrial activity for centuries. The park also offers visits to museums; the Miner’s Museum or the “Francisco Pablo Holgado” Historical Mining Museum, are other examples of how Almadén has reinvented itself and narrated its own history which has always been about its mines.

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