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Moral de Calatrava

Moral de Calatrava (Ciudad Real)GPS: 38.830299377441406, -3.5806100368499756
Its old town center is a clear example of traditional architecture

Between Almargo and Valdepeñas we find the Manchegan town of Moral de Calatrava, at the edge of the Campo de Calatrava region. This town presents itself with beautiful natural landscapes and an urban layout that has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site for being a clear example of traditional architecture. And let’s not forget the church of Saint Andrew, built between the 15th and 16th centuries, which is in a fabulous state of conservation.


The visitor is urged to walk through the streets of Santísimo, Oro, Tercia, Toledillo, Agustín Orduña, Pradillo and the Plaza de España. Tracing this route we can understand the reasons why they form one of the most outstanding urban centers of the province, observing the construction of the houses in the typical Manchegan whitewash and with beautiful ironwork on the windows, and the arrangement of the town’s layout. In the Main Square, in addition to the City Hall and old house of the Encomienda, we find the parish church of the town, dedicated to Saint Andrew. Even from the outside it amazes the viewer with its regal poise and good conservation, which allows us to appreciate all the details of its construction, such as the beautiful plateresque facade. The interior is divided into three naves, and among the assets that it preserves, we can highlight a painting of the Trinity, a piece by Luis Tristán, disciple of El Greco, and a faithful reproduction of Rubens’ martyrdom of Saint Andrew.


You can freely access the urban areas. With regard to the church, try to respect the hours of worship prior to making the visit.


From an artistic point of view, the hermitage of Solitude, built in the 20th century, and the hermitages of Saint Roch and the Virgin of the Sierra, both from the 18th century, are interesting. 

Moral de CalatravaMoral de CalatravaMoral de CalatravaMoral de Calatravamas
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