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Pineda de Gigüela

Pineda de Gigüela (Cuenca)GPS: 40.08689880371094, -2.5418899059295654
Don’t miss the “Climb to Toledillo” in this Alcarreño town

We find this town at the point were the region of la Alcarria meets the mid-Sierras, leaving the capital just 40 km away. In this small village, with less than one hundred inhabitants, we find a curious urban space formed by the Main Square, which is also called Plaza del Conde San Luis, and the church of the Nativity.


We say the plaza is curious because the church and other buildings are joined by short stairs that are known to the townspeople as the “Subida (climb) al Toledillo”. Upon glimpsing the church, the visitor will find it at the top of the village with a large atrium, which has in the center an iron cross upon a doric column and tiered pedestal. The church had various phases in its construction, beginning in the 16th century with a clear Renaissance style showing in the tower, cornices and the capstone. However, the nave and main door are Baroque, from the 18th century. Its interior riches include Baroque altarpieces, the baptismal font, and among the silverware, a gold plated ostensory, a 17th century processional cross, and an 18th century chalice.


We must respect the hours of worship to visit the church.


The hermitages of Saint Ann and Saint Bartholomew are outside the urban center. A walk towards them allows us to also enjoy the natural beauty of this town. 

Pineda de Gigüelamas
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