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Route of the Faces

Buendía (Cuenca)GPS: 40.36429977416992, -2.7287299633026123

In the area known as “La Península”, just 3 or 4 km from Buendía, art and nature combine. In 1992, the facade restorer Eulogio Reguillo and the ceramicist Jorge Juan Maldonado began to carve with spikes, chisels, and other tools sculptures in the sandstone rocks. Some of them are inspired by Indian gods, Buddhas, templar crosses and even by the orchestra director and pianist, Beethoven. 


Presently, the Route of the Faces has 18 sculptures of different dimensions from 70 centimeters to 4 meters tall, which we will find along the circular route of approximately 1.5 km, and which permit us to enjoy, together with the impressive sculptures, the beautiful views in this natural setting of the Buendía wetlands.


Arriving by vehicle to the parking lot of the route, you need to follow the signs that are found from the town of Buendía.


Hiking lovers can do the approved loop PR CU 46 that leaves from the town of Buendía and covers 14 circular km and along which, in addition to the Route of the Faces, you will see the lookout of Peña de la Virgen and ancient archaeological remains.

Route of the Faces Guide

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