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Salterns – Saélices de la Sal

Saelices de la Sal (Guadalajara)GPS: 40.90700149536133, -2.322779893875122

The village of Saélices de la Sal is located in a deep valley within the mountain range, overseen by two mountains. Its name comes from the important industrial activity which its salterns developed for centuries.

There are references to their installation since year 1203, although their current appearance dates from the eighteenth century. During their long lives, the salterns have changed owners and status, going from private to public ownership in various occasions and even becoming part of the Royal Patrimony. In the nineteenth century, their exploitation produced around 9,320 bushels of white, ground, high-quality salt.

The techniques employed also evolved, so that after the civil war water wheels were substituted with engines, which were combustible at first and electric later on. The salt production was maintained throughout this period until the seventies, and saltwater extraction for industrial ends continued up until 1981, when their exploitation ended altogether.


The visit of the San Juan salterns takes us to the southwest entrance to the village, where we can find the buildings that make up the complex. The central warehouse of circular layout and baroque façade; salt warehouses without ceilings; the church of ellipsoidal morphology; two wells, water wheels, heaters, pools, canals, troughs, and ponds. All of them maintain the appearance of the important reforms they went through in the time of Carlos III.


Town Hall Phone Numbers 949 304 119. Access A-II N-204.

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