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Terrinches (Ciudad Real)GPS: 38.609901428222656, -2.8416099548339844
A precious expanse in the Campo de Montiel

To the southeast of the province, in the region of Campo de Montiel, lies the town of Terrinches with centuries of history behind it. One such example is the remains of a double human burial from the Bronze Age. A woman and a man, both in the fetal position with their corresponding ceramic and metallic funerary objects, were found in the area of Castillejo del Bonet, sealed in a cave for thousands of years. Returning to today, travelers who come this way can enjoy the hilly landscape as well as the church and hermitage, which we will describe further.


The church of Saint Dominic of Guzmán has a solitary nave in which the highlights are the coffering with floral decoration under the choir and a beautiful altarpiece from the 17th century, classic Baroque style and recently restored. The visitor can admire the panel paintings of the life of Christ that are distributed throughout its sections. The hermitage of Our Lady of Luciana, located in the outskirts of the town on the old Camino Real, is a small temple with a rectangular floor plan and main chapel covered by ribbed vaulting. It has a precious Renaissance altarpiece which, thanks to a recent restoration, shows all the splendor of times past. It was built in the 16th century by master Ruy González del Corral.


Open access, respecting the hours of worship. If you find them closed, inquire at the Town Hall.


Terrinches has a typical hillside urban design with steep and windy streets. At the highest point of the town there are preserved remains of a castle from the 13th century that was property of the Order of Saint James. Although it currently only has one tower, it has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. 

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