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Altosa Distilleries

Tomelloso (Ciudad Real)GPS: 39.15079879760742, -3.0289199352264404
The biggest underground winery in the world
Destilerías Altosa

Coming from a long tradition of distillers, Juan Antonio López Ramírez founded in Tomelloso Altosa distillery in 1961. They join experience with modern technology to become a role-model, not only nationally but also internationally. Their property includes two distillation plants, the caves and the vineyards.

In the first plant they distill wine to be transformed into liquor. The second one is used to rest and age in oak brandies and distillates. Their astonishing vineyard covers 20,000 hectares and they take advantage of the surrounding caves to create inside them a winery which might probably be the biggest underground one in the world.


Their huge winery needs to produce big quantities of wine to make their products. After a very strict selection of young wines they make aged brandies and wine alcohols and liquors.


We have a unique opportunity to get to know a distillery that covers the whole process. During our visit we will learn from the grape production to its distillation. They also offer tasting courses.

Destilerias AltosaDestilerias AltosaDestilerias AltosaDestilerias Altosamas
  • Destilerias Altosa
  • Destilerias Altosa
  • Destilerias Altosa
  • Destilerias Altosa
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