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Cueva La Martina restaurant

Campo de Criptana (Ciudad Real)GPS: 39.409000396728516, -3.122339963912964

Its gastronomy is a good sample of the generosity and the talent of La Mancha cuisine, based on the rich local traditions and on the quality of the local products, mixed with innovative culinary proposals which will offer you truly surprising flavors and sensation.

Among their dishes: Roasted Red Pepper Salad, Battle of Potatoes with Egg, Duelos y Quebrantos (scrambled eggs mixed with chorizo, ham and bacon), Porridge with Pork Meats, Migas de Pastor (small pieces of stale bread browned in oil) with Grapes, Mojete (salad with tomato, tuna, boiled egg, onion and olives), Pisto Manchego (similar to ratatouille), Cod Tiznaillo (salting cod, potatoes, dried red peppers, garlic, paprika and onion) or Lamb Stew.

And for dessert: Bizcochá Manchega (sponge cake in milk with vanilla and cinnamon), La Mancha Cheese Cake with Chocolate, Chocolate Heart with Violet Ice Cream or Junket with Honey and Grape Syrup.

Their collection of wines is prepared to satisfy the most discerning and select palates. Composed of a long wine list coming from different Spanish protected designations of origin, of signature wines and of a broad representation of local wineries.


Restaurante Cueva la MartinaRestaurante Cueva la MartinaRestaurante Cueva la Martinamas
  • Restaurante Cueva la Martina
  • Restaurante Cueva la Martina
  • Restaurante Cueva la Martina
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