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Don Gil Restaurant

Albacete (Albacete)GPS: 38.99449920654297, -1.8593599796295166

Many are the signature dishes that we could mention about this restaurant.

Among the hotpots we might highlight dishes as typical as Cocido (stew with meat, Spanish sausage, chickpeas and vegetables) Potaje de rellenos con bacalao (vegetable soup with chickpeas and cod fritters), Stewed lentils, Garlic mayonnaise with pig's trotters or Gazpacho manchego (crumbled bread and game stew).

Among the fish: Monkfish with light cheesecream in lard and roasted pine nuts, Line-caught hake in honey and orange sauce or Turbot fillet with Iberian chorizo picaeta (almond, garlic, bread, parsley) and black olives.

Among the meats: Roasted baby lamb rack, Grilled beef T-bone steak or Grilled sirloin with light black truffle cream.

It also offers a wide range of rices.

Restaurante Don Gil (Albacete)Restaurante Don Gil (Albacete)mas
  • Restaurante Don Gil (Albacete)
  • Restaurante Don Gil (Albacete)
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