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Restaurante La Muralla

Cañete (Cuenca)GPS: 40.04240036010742, -1.6494699716567993

It can accommodate up to 18 persons between its double and individual rooms, all of which are comfortably equipped.

In its restaurant you can enjoy the most exquisite dishes of the region, prepared according to traditional methods, and whose excellence gives an idea as to the various gastronomic awards that it has accumulated: Third Place in the Fifth Contest of Catering in Castile-La Mancha convened by the General Direction of Tourism of the Joint Communities of Castile-La Mancha in 2001; First Place Morteruelo in 1993; and First Place Ajo Arriero (a typical garlic dish) in 1994. Additionally, it boasts the distinguished Q de Calidad Turística (Touristic Quality) awarded by the I.C.T.E. (Instituto para la Calidad Turística Española).

It also has a terrace.

Hostal-Restaurante La Murralla, en Cañete (Cuenca)Hostal-Restaurante La Murralla, en Cañete (Cuenca)Restaurante La Muralla (Cañete)mas
  • Hostal-Restaurante La Murralla, en Cañete (Cuenca)
  • Hostal-Restaurante La Murralla, en Cañete (Cuenca)
  • Restaurante La Muralla (Cañete)
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