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Restaurante Mesón El Pincelín

Almansa (Albacete)GPS: 38.865501403808594, -1.094939947128296
Gastronomic visit

Pascual Blanco Cantos founded this establishment in 1952, the years and good working practices have converted it into a gastronomic benchmark in Almansa. A welcoming and friendly space in which you feel at home, uniting new ideas and culinary techniques with traditional recipes.


The menu is designed for lovers of flavor and spoon-based dishes, gazpachos and various stews (guisos, cocidos, potajes a fuego lento(slow-cooked)) following the same cookbook for more than half a century. Their home-made desserts prepared with the same care, with which there are  to choose from more than 450 selections that fill their wine cellar, a delight for food lovers.


Calle Las Norias, 10

Almansa (Albacete)

967 340 007 - 967 345 427

Calle Las Norias, 10Almansa (Albacete)967 340 007 - 967 345 427
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