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Antonio Arellano Pulgar. Swordsmith.

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Workshop Description

Antonio Arellano Pulgar was born in Toledo, land of swords and he makes them with everything that falls into his hands ever since he was a child. This passion, heated up by the fire of his father’s forge, guided his steps toward Toledo Arms Factory, where he went frequently to forge his knowledge and research, and turned these visits into the classroom for his work.

He weaved his experience by making and recreating famous swords, from El Cid to the most modern ones sheathed in recent fantasy films.

It is the time, the one spent training and the one devoted to every piece, which corrects in his hands modern shapes with old, artisan, delicate making … devotion, art, effort, patience and know-how. Each piece may take weeks and each of them requires full attention, from the hilt to the blade or the point, to resemble its model but without leaving out his own signature.

Maintaining Toledan tradition of Swordsmith Masters is the job and the life of this craftsman and his workshop.

E-mail:direccion@artesaniarellanos.esAddress:Polígono Industrial de Toledo, Calle, Río Mundo, 55 Postal Code: 45007Location: Toledo (Toledo)
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