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Beatriz Nadal San Frutos. Potter.

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Workshop Description

Beatriz Nadal, creatively gifted ever since she was a child, opted for her training at the Madrid Decorative Art School, where she coincided with Carlos, the other half of Alfar de Tendilla, where a unique landscape shelters their labor and their work, wrapped up by a lush valley and the medieval urban planning of its streets. 

In this context, Beatriz’s work rounds off its training as potter with her inexhaustible creativity, which marries usefulness and beauty, traditional objects treated from the innovation and the preciosity points of view, which provides the design the true meaning sometimes lost among the creases of pointless messages.

In her free work we can highlight, among a dry setting, marine topics where she pays special attention to fossils; this personal signature is her finishing touch as a person and as an artisan artist.

Likewise some other artisan colleagues, she has a commitment with her mastery devoting part of her time to spread and to teach her trade by giving classes at the Palacio de LaCotilla City School, belonging to Guadalajara Town Hall Board of Culture.

Phone:949 298 078Fax:949 298 078E-mail:beatnadal@hotmail.comAddress:Paseo del Pinar, 16Postal Code: 19134Location: Tendilla (Guadalajara)
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