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José Manuel Delgado. Potter.

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The raw material within his fingers
José Manuel Delgado. Ceramista.
Workshop Description

José Manuel Delgado abandoned his Law studies and decided to devote his body and soul to pottery. Self-taught through books and colleagues, more than thirty years dedicated to his passion and his trade fill his work with creativity, joy and mastery.

His pieces range over the whole variety of possibilities, mostly figurative: costumbrist festival sceneries, social portrait also as groups of characters, mythological or animal-kingdom scenes, both useful and artistic objects, like book-end or candle holder, specific figures or games.

Especially charming are his “recycled” works where an object: brick, tile, wood, iron… acts as support or background of his costumbrist or social-portrait sceneries. He puts his imagination down in these creations and his vocation as chronicler in clay tells us about his appraisal out of noble materials over some other disused ones that he calls his “treasures”.

Phone:949 33 29 40 - 615 58 26 20E-mail:aunpaso1@gmail.comAddress:Urbanización Mirador del Henares c/ Fernando de Rojas 18Location: Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara)
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