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Juan Antonio Martínez Celaya. Cutler.

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The point of a new family line
Juan Antonio Martínez Celaya. Cuchillero.
Workshop Description

Juan Antonio Martínez Celaya began in cutlery without coming, like other colleagues, from a cutler’s family line or workshop, being then, as his sons work with him, the head or the start of a new family devoted to this noble trade from Albacete, now that this tradition only remains in a few workshops in a city that had them here there and everywhere.

He supports, along with his sons, the incorporation to the artisan making of new technologies that speed up the work without losing the manufacturing uniqueness. He is aware that the sector is attacked by mass production and he supports the awareness of the difference craftwork offers. New techniques can nevertheless make them more competitive without losing charm and this family is also aware that it is essential to take a step forward in this direction.

Fighting for an artisan tradition, making of each piece a unique object, knowing what to ask from each penknife. This is what makes them leaving the workshop with their own personality; they are the aim that keeps the stamp of this workshop and this Master craftsman.

Phone:967 236 620E-mail:info@celayacuchilleria.comAddress:Calle Amanecer, 7 Postal Code: 02006Location: Albacete (Albacete)
Juan Antonio Martínez Celaya. Cuchillero.mas
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