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Pablo Costilludo García-Huertos. Sculptor-carver.

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Workshop Description

Pablo Costilludo Garcia-Huertos was born in Madridejos, right in the heart of La Mancha, and studied in Toledo School of Applied Arts and Crafts; but his training does not stop as he has kept on broadening his studies and his knowledge along his career.

We can differentiate within his work the workshop work where carvings, sculptures and reliefs are more realistic, intended for ornamentation, many times institutional; and the artistic work where we can highlight the series about the same topic but with different creative ideas in each of them. In the latter the author finds his way to express himself through the volume and the spaces of the material. His creativity and mastery provide his work a singular and unique character, which has attended several exhibitions inside and outside the Spanish borders and competitions where he has been awarded with different prizes and recognitions.

His devotion for his craft does not end in his own work, but he also devotes part of his time to train at his workshop new hands to be added to this art. Retaining, spreading and training are his goals, in order to maintain and keep craftwork alive as an essential part of our roots and traditions.

Phone:627 400 658 / 925 480 183E-mail:contacto@pablocostilludo.comAddress:Las Suertes, 6Postal Code: 45700Location: Consuegra (Toledo)
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