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Viña Ruda Winery

Tomelloso (Ciudad Real)GPS: 39.40230178833008, -3.210930109024048
Viña Ruda: a singular project
Bodega Viña Ruda

Viña Ruda is a young, modern, special and innovative winery where a selection of original and friendly wines intended for young palates is made. Viña Ruda is located in the very heart of the home of wine: Tomelloso. This winery’s wines express the personality of a unique region, where a climate with extreme temperatures and the special characteristics of the soil favour the quality of the vineyard. Wine-farmers by family tradition, Viña Ruda has 14.2 hectares of vineyard planted between 1980 and 2006.


Wines produced in a unique and original way, signature and modern wines, suitable for young palates and women: Ruda Casual, Ruda Infusión, the first “Infusion” wine in the world, Ruda Airén Fermented in Cask, one of a kind, Ruda Cardinal, R2, Ruda Ensamblaje.


Guided tours lasting 1.5 hour that consist on a visit around the vineyard, a technical visit around the winery and a tasting.


Viña Ruda: Alcázar de San Juan Rd., km 0.5 Postcode 13700 Tomelloso, España

Att. Raluca Ciobanu/Commercial Dept.

Phone No.: (+34) 926038585/  (+34) 657637904


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