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Boquerón del Estena

Navas de Estena (Ciudad Real)GPS: 39.493900299072266, -4.519259929656982
The flavor of the game from Montes de Toledo mountain range
Gastronomic visit

Millenary is the hunting tradition in Montes de Toledo mountain range, and as old the fondness to cook the game in a succulent way.  Thus, the restaurant of the Boquerón del Estena rural lodging proposes dishes roasted in their oven with high-quality game from the region.  Special care for gluten-intolerant people.


Camino del Río St., km. 15

13194 Navas de Estena (Ciudad Real)
Phone nos.: (+34) 609 41 67 45 and (+34)  689 21 51 08


Navas de Estena (Ciudad Real)
Boquerón del EstenaBoquerón del EstenaBoquerón del EstenaBoquerón del Estenamas
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