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La Fragua restaurant (Game gastronomy)

Campillo de Ranas (Guadalajara)GPS: 41.08570098876953, -3.314340114593506
Game from the black architecture
La Fragua  (Gastronomia de caza)
Gastronomic visit

La Fragua restaurant is located right in the heart of Sonsaz National park, which allowed it to specialize in game meat, served inside an old building dating back to the end of the 18thcentury. Its black architecture is unique in the world, because of the way it was built and because of its beauty. In La Fragua, it is accompanied, among some other dishes, by deer and wild boar chorizo, and wild boar loin stews with blueberry sauce, brandy deer with dried fruits, and quail with plum and bacon wrapped in red pepper. All that with an interesting wine list among which you can find renowned regional labels.


42, Escuelas St.
Campillo de Ranas - Guadalajara
Phone no.: (+34): 949 864 034 

Campillo de Ranas (Guadalajara)
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