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Llares restaurant (Game gastronomy)

Lagartera (Toledo)GPS: 39.90719985961914, -5.201879978179932
Campo Arañuelo cuisine
Llares  (Gastronomia de caza)
Gastronomic visit

Located in a farming house from the 18thcentury, Llares restaurant is not only an example of architecture from the so-called Campo Arañuelo, in Toledo. But also of a hundred-year-old gastronomy, turned nowadays into a market cuisine where regional and seasonal products play a leading role. Thus, its menu includes many game dishes, such as partridge in brine or deer loin marinated in red wine with quince jam. All that, served under the typical wooden ceiling of a Lagartera granary and over a floor of baked clay tiles.


7, Doctor Fleming street
Lagartera, Toledo
Phone no.: (+34): 925 431 157

Lagartera (Toledo)
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