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Restaurante La Melgosa (Game gastronomy)

La Melgosa (Cuenca)GPS: 40.02619934082031, -2.095639944076538
The art of the hunt in fine dining
Restaurante La Melgosa  (Gastronomia de caza)
Gastronomic visit

The mountain range of Cuenca is a paradise for the growth of hunting species, and the restaurantLa Melgosais located perfectly in this exceptional gastronomic market for lovers of game cuisine, which they also combine with the long tradition of Cuenca, in which marinades and stews have a special place. Their menu incorporates them in the marinated partridge salad, stewed quail with goose foie, and venison with apple and red wine. Three essential dishes for meat lovers, and for those who love fine dining, together with a delicious dish of mountain partridge with beans.


Ctra. (hwy) de Teruel (no number)
La Melgosa, Cuenca

Tel: 969 258 036 / 969 258 038

La Melgosa (Cuenca)

La Melgosa (Cuenca)
La MelgosaLa MelgosaLa Melgosamas
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  • La Melgosa
  • La Melgosa
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