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Restaurante La Terraza

Cuenca (Cuenca)GPS: 40.07360076904297, -2.135780096054077
Enjoyment for the palate and sight
Restaurante La Terraza
Gastronomic visit

Restaurante La Terraza de Cuenca, situated on the seventh floor of the Hotel Alfonso VIII in the center of the city, offers its customers the possibility to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the old town along with a great selection of ingredients and current culinary techniques. A space in which time stands still and you can let yourself travel by your senses.


A trip via the menu will have you discovering the such Castilian delicacies as ajo arrriero (typical garlic dish), morteruelo (typical Manchegan game stew), or sopa castellana (tomato and pepper based stew), without forgetting ensalada manchega, or plato de orza alajú y resolí (pastry with liqueur).

Parque de San Julián, 3Cuenca (Cuenca)969 212 512 - 969 214
Restaurante La TerrazaRestaurante La Terrazamas
  • Restaurante La Terraza
  • Restaurante La Terraza
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