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Campillo de Ranas

Campillo de Ranas (Guadalajara)GPS: 41.08599853515625, -3.3137199878692627
The black slate landscape
Campillo de Ranas

Sheltered by the valley of the Jaramilla, in the Ayllon mountains and watched over closely by the peak of Ocejón, Campillo de Ranas shines from behind its slate like a unique piece of the black architecture of the area. The traditional architecture is displayed as an emblem of the landscape and matches perfectly with it. Wooden frameworks and slate slabs open up between the stone, the bushes and the valley, as if the land, architecture and its people were all put together to symbolise the black mountains. The slate wafers are impacting as they cover walls and roofs and define the fields with their dark piles of gravel fencing.

The houses blend in with the terrain and they look uneven. Inside, one floor and an attic, “el sobrao” - a place reserved for the storage of grain, under the roof; amongst the different rooms the kitchen stands out with his big chimney and round oven, the warmest part of the house where people also get together.

The surrounding areas expand their own space and they are nicknamed “Los Barrios” (the neighbourhoods) as a unitary whole: Campillejo, El Espinar, Roblelacasa, Robleluengo, Matallana and La Vereda; they make up the Campillo de Ranas route, which has provided the area with a peak in tourism, meaning that its inhabitants have started to work within the sector and also that the black mountains have got the notoriety that they deserved.


Access: CM-101 CM 1004

Campillo de RanasCampillo de Ranasmas
  • Campillo de Ranas
  • Campillo de Ranas
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