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Carpio de Tajo

El Carpio de Tajo (Toledo)GPS: 39.88750076293945, -4.454659938812256
The entry door to the church is Gothic-Mudejar style
Carpio de Tajo

The origin of its name comes from a castle or fortress that was located right along the river, specifically on the Carpio stream, called “la carpía”. It dates to the time of the Iberians and Romans. Currently it is very well connected to Toledo and Talavera. There is no longer even a trace of the fortress mentioned, but we can still visit the church of Saint Michael Archangel and the Sierrecilla Palace. 


In the church, the visitor can clearly see the Latin cross floor plan divided in three naves and separated by semicircular arches, the tower topped by its belfry, and the Gothic-Mudejar, brick main door.

Above the central nave a precious coffered ceiling is preserved, and the presbytery is decorated with mudejar elements. Additionally there are very interesting altarpieces from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. With regard to the civil buildings in the town, theSierrecillaPalace follows the typical model of these types of buildings: masonry walls reenforced with bricks and the main door emblazoned between two pilasters.


Open access to the church, respecting the hours of worship. To visit the Palace, inquire at the City Hall.


You must visit the traditional hermitage of Ronda, outside the city center.


Carpio de TajoCarpio de TajoCarpio de Tajomas
  • Carpio de Tajo
  • Carpio de Tajo
  • Carpio de Tajo
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