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Escalona del Alberche

Escalona (Toledo)GPS: 40.16849899291992, -4.403679847717285
Escalona, pearl of Alberche

Time will stop for all those who come to get to know this noble town that has its origins in ancient times. This precious Toledan enclave, located 54 km from Toledo, includes the first foothills of el Piélago and continues through the Sierra de San Vicente. In sum, a small piece of paradise where the fusion of man and nature is possible. To its long, ancient, and grandiose history we must add the beauty of its urban ensemble, its plaza, and Convent of the Incarnation.


Its urban ensemble stands out for the traditional buildings on its main artery, thecalle San Miguel, along which we will see porticoed houses and others with corridors and iron bars majestically crafted. It leads to the Main Square, famous for one of the adventures ofLazarillo de Tormesand his master, the Blind man, taking place here. The rectangular and unmistakably Castilian plaza holds among its treasures the old City Hall and some traditional porticoes, supported by visible wooden beams. It was the setting for one of the oldest weekly markets for which there is evidence in the province. To conclude, the Convent, categorized as an Asset of Cultural Interest, is a building from the transition of Gothic to Renaissance, and it houses a small congregation of nuns. It is located oncalle Santa Beatriz de Silva.


Open access to the plaza and urban areas. The convent being cloistered, we can only access the chapel.


The castle of this town is also a highlight, birthplace of the Infante Don Juan Manuel and his masterpiece el Conde Lucanor. Presently it is private property, but visits are allowed on Saturdays. Also visit the church of Saint Michael, with some sculptures and an altarpiece worthy of praise. 

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