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Church of Saint Bartholomew Apostle in Mesegar de Tajo

Mesegar de Tajo (Toledo)GPS: 39.92679977416992, -4.502510070800781

In la Tierra de Torrijos, sheltered in a fertile meadow through which the Tagus river passes and of great archaeological interest, we find the town of Mesegar de Tajo. Its parish church of Saint Bartholomew Apostle eclipses with its beauty the Paleolithic, Roman, and Visigoth remains found in its district.


The most important architectural work in the town in the church of Saint Bartholomew Apostle, from the 15th century. Its tower, which can be seen from almost every corner of the town, is mudejar in style and the building’s most important feature. It has three bodies, the first made of lime-and-pebble Toledan rigging and the others are brick. In the upper level we will see some lovely, semicircular, decorative, blind arches and above them the bells sheltered in horseshoe arches. Inside, the temple has three naves, also made of brick, in which we can highlight the modern carvings. The oldest ones, with the exception of the Cristo del Amparo, suffered the atrocities of the Civil War.


Free access, respecting the hours of worship. If you find it closed, inquire at the City Hall.


Visit the Paleolithic, Roman, and Visigoth remains that have appeared in the Vega de Santa María. In the surrounding area you will also find the hermitage of Santa María de los Dados with a lovely floor made of tiles. 

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