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Lupiana (Guadalajara)GPS: 40.610198974609375, -3.0544700622558594
Lupiana is the seat of the first Jerónimos Monastery in Spain

An Alcarreña town at the food of the Tío Ángel hill and the Matayeguas River. Those who come here can stop by the Plaza to see the 16th century pillory and the City Hall, reconstructed in the 20th century, with two floors, porticos in the ground floor and a gallery above. But if Lupiana is known for anything, it is for its beautiful Monastery of Saint Bartholomew, the first that the Order of Saint Jerome (Hieronymites) established in our country and declared a National Monument in 1931.


The importance of the monastery is reflected in its cloister, a Plateresque work by Alfonso Covarrubias. It has a rectangular floor plan and two arcaded levels, to which a third one, linteled, is added on the South side. There is nothing left of a fire that consumed the church, but it was the work of Juan de Mora, just as the main door. If we want to visit a church we can do so at the Church of Saint Peter, in the town. There we can enjoy the Plateresque door and its rich decorations of grotesques, medallions, and mythological figures.


Currently, the monastery is private property and is used for weddings, banquets, and other such events, but you can visit it on Mondays from 9:00-14:00. As far as the church goes, you just need to respect the hours of worship in order to visit it.


The site of El Castillo, where bell-shaped remains from the Bronze and Iron Ages have been found. 

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