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Palace of the Marquis of Villel

Villel de Mesa (Guadalajara)GPS: 41.12689971923828, -1.9892799854278564
Discover this charming town of the Mesa valley
Palacio de los marqueses de Villel

This municipality of the Señorío de Molina borders the Aragon province in the Mesa River valley. Dominating the path towards Aragon, this village has two castles: that of los Funes, with Islamic origins, set deep upon a rocky crag that towers over the whole valley; and the castle of Mesa, of which only the floor and some stones remain, and that was in its day the most important fortress of this valley. Apart from visiting these ancient fortresses, travelers passing through Villel can make a stop at the urban center of the village to visit some of its noble houses.


One of the most important houses of the town is the palace of the Marquis of Villel, which the marchioness, María Teresa González de Andrade, ordered built in the 18th century, below the castle. It is very tall due to its three floors, and has a central patio. The facade shines with a central balcony over the linteled Neoclassical entry door.


Ask at the City Hall if it is possible to visit it.


Villel is known for its Visigoth necropolis, discovered around 1940. In the archeological excavations bronze grave goods, rings, belt fasteners, etc. have been extracted that nowadays we can see in different museums of Spain.

Photography: Rosaflor

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