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Baños de la Concepción Thermal Spa

Villatoya (Albacete)GPS: 39.32500076293945, -1.333340048789978
Manchegan mansion and inn, since the 18th century
Balneario Baños de la Concepción

With a large interior patio and corridor with wooden balustrade on the second floor, Baños de la Concepción is not only a beautiful example of a Manchegan mansion and inn but a place that has been recognized for its thermal qualities since the 18th century. Its bicarbonate waters, which flow at 29ºC, and were declared public use in 1843, stimulate the functions of our bodies. They are ideal for rheumatism, osteoarthritis, the nervous system, varicose veins, the bronchial tubes… and more. The spa includes a medical team who customize the treatment program for each visitor.


Baños de la Concepción enriches its thermal waters with essences of fruits and plants, joining the benefits of their bubble baths, treatments, and massages with a relaxing sensory experience. They offer massage treatments, pool and hydrotherapy bath, aerosols, pressotherapy, sauna, Turkish bath,parafongos, pressure jet, circular shower, Vichy shower, and Santiago foot bath. The offerings are complete with all types of facial and body treatments, waxing, and special offers for couples.


Located in the valley of the Cabriel River, immerse yourself fully in Nature by staying in cozy rustic cabins. In addition… who said that Spas weren’t for children? Your children can enjoy the inflatable jumpy castle, trampolines, swings, and pool in the summer. They won’t get bored and you can relax!

Balneario de la Concepción Balneario de la Concepción Balneario de la Concepción mas
  • Balneario de la Concepción
  • Balneario de la Concepción
  • Balneario de la Concepción
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