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Baños de Tus Thermal Spa

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If I were in Tus, I would not die
Balneario Baños de Tus

It was the archbishop of Valencia, Martín Pérez de Ayala, in the 16th century, who revitalized this heath resort of Roman origins, and well known in the time of the Emperor Charles V. The modern adaptation of its facilities, and the union of its long legacy with traditional techniques make Baños de Tus a truly special place. A place where, surely, the abbot of Uclés would affirm again, with nostalgia, that “if I were in Tus, I would not die.”


The water of Tus is considered mineral-medicinal, with chlorine, bicarbonates, sodim-magnesium, and a good percentage of sulphate ions. It is ideal for rheumatic diseases, sciatica, lower back pain, osteoarthritis, post-op recovery, colds, respiratory allergies, etc.

The offered treatments at Baños de Tus is extensive, a highlight of which is the Cleopatra Bath, a bath of mineral-medicinal water with milk, rosemary honey, and bath salts. Just one example of the quality that is also offered with its thermal pool, bubble bath, hydromassage bath, jacuzzi, pressure jets, circular shower, steam bath, aerosol inhalations, hand baths, and foot baths. Additionally, you can enjoy a bath with Dead Sea Salts, and facial and body beauty treatments.


Bodily wellbeing joins with the that of the spirit in the nearby Nature Park of la Sima y Calares del Río Mundo. The restart itself also offers the possibility to participate in different adventure tourism activities, such as canyoning, kayaking, rock climbing, or horseback riding. 

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