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Cervantes Thermal Spa

Santa Cruz de Mudela (Ciudad Real)GPS: 38.657798767089844, -3.441349983215332

An oasis in the plains of La Mancha, with impressive sunsets and surrounded by gardens, it’s not surprising that there were three religious groups who took possession of this place and its wells of water, already famous for their properties in the 18th century. The Cervantes health resort, additionally, has its own quarry for the extraction of clays, which, mixed with its mineral waters, form the base of many of their medicinal, dermatological, and esthetic treatments.


Two springs, and two types of water. That from theBañosSpring has bicarbonates, calcium, sulfates, magnesium and sodium. Perfect for ailments such as osteoporosis or arthritis. The water from theVillarosaSpring has bicarbonates, sodium, calcium, and carbon gasses. This composition aids gastric, kidney, or digestive disorders.

The treatments in the thermal area are: hydroponic cure fountain, thermal hydromassage baths, pressure jets, and circular or vichy showers. There are also hand baths, foot baths and inhalation methods such as aerosols. We will also find a spa circuit, active pool, and all types of esthetic and massage treatments.


Continue enjoying the water culture of Castile - La Mancha by visiting the nearby Tables de Daimiel National Park, less than an hour away. 

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