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Dehesa El Carrascal Winery

Bonete (Albacete)GPS: 38.9202995300293, -1.2310700416564941
A family estate with its own winery
Bodega Dehesa El Carrascal

Within a rich family tradition dating back to 1962, these vines grow at a height of 1,000 meters in the Almansa designation of origin. It is a low-production winery due to extreme climate conditions reaching 40ºC in summertime and suffering intense snowfalls over the winter, which makes easier a high assimilation of polyphonic and aromatic compounds during the fruit ripping process.


Dehesa el Carrascal wines are lush, oozing an attractive spicy flavor and a pleasant, lingering aftertaste. They are made out of the main variety grown, Garnacha Tintorera, which produces a deeply colored wine, with very structured and aromatic violet shades. They also grow, to a lesser extent, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, varieties which they vinify greatly improving their organoleptic qualities.


Within a family environment, and surrounded by a wonderful estate of more than 2,400 hectares with big and small game hunting species among vineyards and mountains, Dehesa el Carrascal offers a full experience to their visitors. Along with tastings, the winery offers a walk around its facilities, equipped with the latest technology to produce wines.

Alpera Road, km. 94,8-CM-3201 Phone No.: 967 58 20 13 Fax: 967 58 23 99
HEADOFFICE: 3, Pasaje Lodares, - 2nd rt. 02001 ALBACETE Phone No.: +34 967 24 04 58 Fax: + 34 967 21 09 89

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  • Bodega Dehesa El Carrascal. Barricas
  • Bodega Dehesa El Carrascal. Cuidados
  • Bodega Dehesa El Carrascal. Sala de Barricas
  • Bodega Dehesa El Carrascal. Terroir
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