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Constancia-González Byass Winery Estate

Otero (Toledo)GPS: 40.00379943847656, -4.515429973602295

When Constancia Estate, located in the municipality of Otero, Toledo province, was purchased by González Byass in 2000, the vineyards were planted with the indigenous and international varieties most suited for the local conditions. The spirit of Constancia Estate is shown in the sentence of the González Byass’ founder who, in a letter dated June 6th, 1836, stated: “I cannot find a nicer business than wines and to wine I want to entirely devote myself”.

The construction of the new winery started in February 2005 and the building opened its doors on May 23rd, 2006. Designed by Architect Gonzalo Tello, it is a cutting edge winery perfectly integrated into the landscape. It is visually divided into three perfectly distinct modules, each one of them made of a different material, faithfully reflecting the phases of the winemaking process: stainless steel, the module that houses the fermentation tanks; glass, where the bottling lines are; and wood, that accommodates the cask room.

Furthermore, the winery’s social area, aimed at wine tourism, includes a shop, and social and meeting rooms with a view to the vineyard. The final result is a modern, functional, elegant and high-quality design where attention to detail comes first and the vineyard, the source of the wine, has the leading role. 


Finca Constancia Selección

Colección Parcelas: Parcela 12 (Graciano), Parcela 23 (Tempranillo), Parcela 52 (Verdejo)

Altos de la Finca

Fragantia: Fragantia Nº6 and Fragantia Nº9


Event celebrations for companies, weddings, christenings, first holly communions and meetings.


Tatiana Leán Gertrúdix - (+34) 925861535 / (+34) 607265690

Finca ConstanciaFinca ConstanciaFinca ConstanciaFinca ConstanciaBodega Finca ConstanciaBodega Finca ConstanciaBodega Finca Constanciamas
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  • Finca Constancia
  • Finca Constancia
  • Finca Constancia
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