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Loranque Winery Estate

Bargas (Toledo)GPS: 39.94160079956055, -4.018970012664795
An irresistible proposal
Bodega Finca Loranque

There are documents that prove that in this area, already in the 11thcentury, there were big estates with the best vines. Its proximity to both Madrid and Toledo, the beauty of its winery and its natural location, as well as their well-proven professionalism making unique wines, make visiting Loranque an irresistible proposal.

The French viticulture concept oozes everywhere once you go deeper into the Estate. As well as to a very well kept vineyard, the road leads to an 18thcentury farmhouse, restored so faithfully that it was declared Site of Cultural Interest. This imposing construction, built using Mudejar bricks, blends seamlessly into the surrounding area, which combines fertile fields for agriculture with sandy terroirs ideal for the vine.


Its wines count on the advice of Pablo Eguzkiza, expert coach for the most important terroirs in Spain.  Its wines belong to the Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Merlot varieties.


A Paradise for wine tourism in the oldest winery within this region. As well as visiting it accompanied by an expert guide, you can also taste excellent wines during their tasting courses or enjoy an exquisite cuisine during their gastronomic workshops. Planning of all kinds of events.

Bodega Finca LoranqueBodega Finca LoranqueBodega Finca LoranqueBodega Finca Loranquemas
  • Bodega Finca Loranque
  • Bodega Finca Loranque
  • Bodega Finca Loranque
  • Bodega Finca Loranque
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