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Centro Españolas Wineries

Tomelloso (Ciudad Real)GPS: 39.524898529052734, -3.0817201137542725
Retrieving cultural heritage
Bodegas Centro Españolas

Set in the heart of La Mancha, close to the Guadiana River banks, the winery employs cutting-edge technology to make wines in a traditional way. It was founded in 1991 by 14 businessmen from Tomelloso who wanted to build a great winery to age wines. But something else motivated them. After a century, they retrieved the old Casajuana cognac, one of the cultural traditions that have taken Tomelloso all around the world.

When producing their products they take special care and love, from the grape grower to the wine-producer. The harvest is handmade and they have 3,500 American-oak casks and 600 French-oak ones.


Tempranillo is the main variety in their Allozo wines. Under this brand we have Finca los Cantos, Allozo 927, Gran Reserva, Reserva, Crianza, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah, Rosado and Allozo Macabeo.


The winery offers a wide range of possibilities for wine tourism lovers. Along with visits around the winery, some other cultural activities are also organized, such as concerts.

Bodegas Centro EspañolasBodegas Centro EspañolasBodegas Centro EspañolasBodegas Centro Españolasmas
  • Bodegas Centro Españolas
  • Bodegas Centro Españolas
  • Bodegas Centro Españolas
  • Bodegas Centro Españolas
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