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Loreto Wineries

Socuéllamos (Ciudad Real)GPS: 39.2869987487793, -2.793060064315796
Joining nature and craftwork
Bodegas Loreto

In the region with, possibly, the most suitable weather conditions in the world to produce wine, more than a hundred families work in Loreto Winery’s vineyards. Located in Socuéllamos municipality, they work bearing in mind to bring what is natural and artisan closer to the consumer. Apart from wine, they produce some other related beverages such as mistelle and vermouth.

Loreto Wineries carries out the strictest quality controls guaranteeing that a final product is perfectly suited even for the most demanding markets. Besides, over the last few years, their main bid has focused on the different bottling projects.


Loreto Wineries signs Monteño brand, in white and red grape varieties. Another one of their great benchmarks is Casa Leadro crianza. All of them are produced and bottled in-house.


They organize guided tours around the vineyard. They have a shop where as well as selling their wines, they also sell a wide range of products, among them, some sweets they have recently been exploring with grape must.

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