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Viña Obdulia Wineries

Pedro Muñoz (Ciudad Real)GPS: 39.4031982421875, -2.9457900524139404

In Ciudad Real we find these traditional wineries, founded in 1980 by Obdulia, grand-grandmother of their current managers. Their oenologist, José Miguel Ugena, learnt and loved this job next to his grandfather since he was a child. In 2000 they carried out a refurbishing of the facilities, without modifying their heritage and their memories.

In Pedro Muñoz, there are five lagoons and a river, which makes this area a special wetland. Their wine-makers make the most of the natural characteristics of the area to obtain the best products. In order to do so, no nitrogen, pesticide or any other kind of chemical substance is added. The self-named “Vino Cero” is obtained from a grape which is seamlessly tuned with its nature.


Their Viña Obdulia brand is a Terroir made out of 100% Cencibel grape, grown and selected in a natural way. Its careful processing has been awarded the “Vino de la Tierra de Castilla” Protected denomination of Origin. 


In this, almost two centuries old, winery you can visit the winery, which is like a real wine museum. In it, visitors can also take tasting courses if requested.

Bodegas Viña ObduliaBodegas Viña ObduliaBodegas Viña Obduliamas
  • Bodegas Viña Obdulia
  • Bodegas Viña Obdulia
  • Bodegas Viña Obdulia
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