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Traditional Christmas Band Contest

Torija (Guadalajara)GPS: 40.74330139160156, -3.031330108642578
Description of the party

The Traditional Christmas Band Contest is a popular and mass festivity created with the already achieved goal of retrieving traditional bands and Christmas carols forgotten for many years and which, without the effort of the contest, would have little by little disappeared.

It has been for years the first contest-competition in Guadalajara Province and very likely in Castile-La Mancha. Thanks to the support and collaboration of Torija citizens, this contest joins Christmas musical tradition with the Alcarria popular gastronomy.

Bands already broken up have reunited and retrieved forgotten carols from the province and from the region. 65 bands have taken part along these 26 years, more than 250 carols have been retrieved, and more than 90,000 visitors have been able to enjoy these 26 carol bands in Torija.


The contest starts at 17:00 at the Renaissance Church with the opening speech by significant figures from the cultural world and the performance of a local carol by the 10 Christmas Bands from the different municipalities in the province, counties and nearby regions.

Then theRonda de Calletakes place, where music and gastronomy join the visiting public, with a free sample of Alcarriamigas-La Mancha-style fried bread crumbs- (700 kg), traditional consommé (1,000 liters), chorizos stewed in wine (700 kg) and coffee with cakes (200 liters and 100 Kg) made by the locals themselves.

Next the bands end up at the Municipal Sports Center, where they sing a free theme (carol, romance, jota seguidilla…).

When the performances finish the jury, made up of provincial and regional traditional music professionals, award the three prizes: 1stHand Drum, 2ndRabel, 3rdCastanets.


Saturday between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. If December 24th, 25thor 31stcoincides on Saturday, the Contest would be held on the Saturday prior to the mentioned dates.

Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest

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